Submission is the New Prescription

Content is spread from one to another, to another, to another Being twisted and manipulated between each exchange. Each eye seeing differently, Each ear hearing differently, Each mind traveling a different path than the one before, Each perspective expanded to the endless universe, Or shrank and shoved into a tiny box. Each path beaten to death by biased opinions and irrational arguments. When a matter grows fierce, One is obligated to have their own boisterous voice. Don't stay silent or you're "part of the problem" But yet... If you speak and are unable to string together a symphony of abiding words, If what you say doesn't meld with the regurgitated information spewing from their mouths, You're wrong. Opposition is not an option. Scream WITH the brainwashed masses or sit down and shut the fuck up. Sway with the dysfunctional rhythm, Know the moves you're not being taught. Be prepared to stop, drop, and roll when the mob sets your singularity on fire. Submit now or forever hold your peace.