I Fall a Little in Love with Every Person I Meet

I fall a little in love with every person I meet. It's not a romantic love; I have my husband for that, even if he believes romance is simply smacking me on the butt and calling me pretty. It's more of a love I can't describe without seeming like I fantasize their every move and watch through their windows at night (♪♫I'll be watching you♪♫) I enjoy the presence of humor, sarcasm, honesty, and great conversations. When I feel a good connection, I want to spend more time together, tell the stories of our lives, laugh together, cry together. I desire to experience a real, deep kinship with the people I spend time with. I don't expect these wishes to be reciprocated, and I'm certainly not lurking in your bushes (at the moment), but I do want others to know that it's okay to love and be loved, even in a non-romantic way.

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