Self Love with a Side of Self Loathe

While waiting in line to get into the water park, I overheard a girl, maybe 13-14 years old, telling her friends she didn't want to take her shirt off because, "What if everybody sees my fat rolls?"

Impulsively, I looked at her with a confused expression and asked, "Why would you say that about yourself? You have about 0% body fat, and even if you had more, it wouldn't matter!"

She responded with patting on her tummy, saying, "Well, Idunno, I just, uhh, I don't want people to see."

I told her "You should never hold yourself to other people's standards. Only hold yourself to your own. You are beautiful."

She got quite the puzzled look on her face, and said, "Well, thank you. I never really thought of it that way."

It breaks my heart to see so many people with such low self esteem. Rather than being raised to appreciate being ourselves, and focusing on the life and skills we build, we are forced into this facade, where if you don't meet some aesthetic quota, your life and everything around you will fall apart. We raise others onto a pedestal, but don't you DARE think that highly of yourself, you narcissist! Get your ass off that high horse, and back to criticizing your every flaw!

We live in a world where both self love and self loathe are promoted and praised, and it needs to STOP.

There are some who are too full of themselves to realize we all need the air we breathe, and then others who can't seem to convince themselves they need the air, too.

Aesthetic standards are unnecessary.

Nobody, NOBODY, should ever be made to feel they aren't good enough.

Don't say or think anything about yourself that you wouldn't say about someone else, to their face.

Cast out fear of rejection and ridicule.

Love, respect, and care for yourself and others.

Life is about lesson learning and becoming something great, not looking great while doing so.



Never allow anyone to convince you otherwise.

Life is so much more than meets the eye.


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