Angry Rainbows!

I don't have many reasons to be angry, but today, my fire has been fueled and I can't seem to tame it. If you wish to know why I'm angry, read on. You may not like what I have to say, and that's okay, but if you can't hold a negative tongue, do NOT comment. You can't explode every time you hear, see, or read something you don't like. That's what this post is about. Feel free to share.

I'm angry for the guy who has to lie about who he's seeing, to avoid being criticized by his own family and friends.

I'm angry for the girl who was honest and is now estranged because she fell in love with a woman after being mistreated by men for so long, or was never attracted to men in the first place.

I'm angry for the girl who has been told many times that she is "loved" but will never be accepted her for who she is or who she loves.

I am angry for the guys that got beaten to a pulp because a complete stranger didn't like them holding hands in public.

I'm angry for every loving and accepting family that has lost a loved one because some homophobe couldn't stand their presence in this world, and chose when their life would end.

I'm angry for the people who are ashamed and hide who they are, only to satisfy and silence the bigots.

Most of all, I'm angry that people can't just learn to respect others and mind their own damn business.

We all have different views and lifestyles. People aren't gay to rub it in your face or cause you trouble.

The only ones causing harm, are the ones acting upon their own hatefulness and bigotry.

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