...But What About the Children?!?

This is exactly what I was wearing when someone told me, "It's inappropriate to be running around in your bra and shorts". Want to know the truth? Yes. This is a bra. Those are shorts. AHHHHH!! Shield the children's eyes! Want to know something else? I've spent YEARS, trying to find a bathing suit top that fits me properly. My bras cover way more than ANY swim suit tops I've ever tried on or owned. Why are good support and coverage such terrible things, when most women barely even wear nipple covers, and a Tarzan butt flap for bottoms?! Why is that okay, but this is not? Simply because mine is "underwear" being seen by the public eye? Oh wait...that would mean every store with underwear ads would be in trouble! *cough* Victoria's Secret *cough*

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