June 23, 2017

My daughter, dressed like a "princess ballerina"
Twirling and smiling and laughing
Her hair flowing in the Spring breeze

As she sings in her most beautiful way

She says, "Mommy, look at me!"
"I'm looking at you baby!"
"Watch me! Look AT me, mommy!"

"I'm looking. I'm wat...

April 16, 2017

Even though I spent so much time taking care of other children, nothing prepared me for the many obstacles I've had as a mother, and continue to have. I've had so many ups and downs on this roller coaster, that I don't even know which way is which, or how I'm even keep...

May 31, 2016

This is exactly what I was wearing when someone told me, "It's inappropriate to be running around in your bra and shorts".
Want to know the truth?
This is a bra.
Those are shorts.
AHHHHH!! Shield the children's eyes!

Want to know something else?
I've spent YEARS,...

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