November 11, 2018

Do I look like a druggie? 
Pill popper? 
Meth head?
Or any other colorful names you may have for people who take stereotypically "bad/addictive" medications?
D-Amphetamine Salt Combo (Adderall) - 10mg as prescribed by a DOCTOR.
100% LEGAL and NEEDED prescription for th...

June 20, 2017

Sex education classes are mandatory in most middle and high schools, but we are hardly taught about the nooks of our brains which can cause unpleasant thoughts and images to haunt our dreams, and even reality. We are clueless on the deep, dark places our minds can take...

August 15, 2016

My life exists on the tip of the iceberg.
People only see what lies on the surface.
Smiles. Laughter. Happiness.
I do have those things.
I AM happy.
I carry a smile on my face, leave my problems private, so it's not to burden others with the negativity I've created in...

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