June 20, 2020

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November 11, 2018

Do I look like a druggie? 
Pill popper? 
Meth head?
Or any other colorful names you may have for people who take stereotypically "bad/addictive" medications?
D-Amphetamine Salt Combo (Adderall) - 10mg as prescribed by a DOCTOR.
100% LEGAL and NEEDED prescription for th...

March 31, 2018

I fall a little in love with every person I meet. 
It's not a romantic love; I have my husband for that, even if he believes
romance is simply smacking me on the butt and calling me pretty. 
It's more of a love I can't describe without seeming like I fantasize the...

August 10, 2017

While waiting in line to get into the water park, I overheard a girl, maybe 13-14 years old, telling her friends she didn't want to take her shirt off because, "What if everybody sees my fat rolls?"

Impulsively, I looked at her with a confused expression and asked, "Wh...

June 23, 2017

Dear Anxiety,

You have been a part of my life for far too long. I've lost count of the many times you've consumed every inch of my being.
You tear me down when I'm strong, and devour me when I'm weak.
You and my vivid imagination work viciously together to make every...

June 23, 2017

My daughter, dressed like a "princess ballerina"
Twirling and smiling and laughing
Her hair flowing in the Spring breeze

As she sings in her most beautiful way

She says, "Mommy, look at me!"
"I'm looking at you baby!"
"Watch me! Look AT me, mommy!"

"I'm looking. I'm wat...

June 22, 2017

I don't have many reasons to be angry, but today, my fire has been fueled and I can't seem to tame it.
If you wish to know why I'm angry, read on.
You may not like what I have to say, and that's okay, but if you can't hold a negative tongue, do NOT comment.
You can't e...

June 20, 2017

Sex education classes are mandatory in most middle and high schools, but we are hardly taught about the nooks of our brains which can cause unpleasant thoughts and images to haunt our dreams, and even reality. We are clueless on the deep, dark places our minds can take...

April 16, 2017

Even though I spent so much time taking care of other children, nothing prepared me for the many obstacles I've had as a mother, and continue to have. I've had so many ups and downs on this roller coaster, that I don't even know which way is which, or how I'm even keep...

November 7, 2016

This is me, not giving a fuck about society's "beauty" standards. This is me not giving a fuck about having stretch marks on my tummy, or bags under my tired eyes. This is me not giving a fuck about censoring my freedom of speech because someone doesn't like the "F" wo...

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